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Practice for Intuition Training
Alternative Medical Practitioner

Hello, my name is Christiane Heilmann.

Drawing on my background as an alternative medical practitioner and a nurse as well as many additional professional development courses, I have devised some new course offerings. These new courses I give astonish, let you dream and make your soul bounce with joy.

What do you do having developed something so unusual, unfamiliar, but really exceptional that transcends common sense? Something that enthuses you and arouses a desire so burning that you feel compelled to share the invention so as to pass it on to everyone?

Enter into the light and dare.

Interested? Contact me.

In the USA, I offer exciting courses for children and adults. As an example, here is the pdf-flyer of my course offer [LINK]

To find out more about my work with Dr. Raymond Fernando on NOVA and QSR confer these webpages: [LINK]

Non-Ocular Vision Activation, also known as NOVA, and Quantum Speed Reading (QSR) are sets of exercises aimed at enhancing your perception. Alternative approaches to learning can help kindle your imagination, improve your visual and non-visual memory and creativity.

Foto von Christiane

About me: Background
Training and professional development

– Licensed Quantum Speed Reading Trainer
– Licensed Trainer for NOVA
– Intuition training
– X-ray vision
– Soul communication
– Intuition development
– Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection
– Speed Reading
– Right Brain Training
– Acupuncture
– Homeopathy
– Kinesiology
– Raindrop massage

Artworks painted by Christiane and Lena Heilmann: